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The local government has made it really easy to initiate a warrant search in Tarrant County, Texas. In fact, you will find loads of information online about arrest records and active warrants. You can get information on the outstanding warrants against third parties, alias warrants, and capias pro-fine in your own name. These are basically court orders issued for your arrest if you failed to appear in court as ordered or neglected to pay a traffic-related fine.

Get information on Tarrant County arrest warrants!

  1. You can do an active warrant search for all detention orders issued by the municipal court of Tarrant at the warrant page.
  2. Criminal case records, including arrest records, can be found at the Tarrant County Court Records Search  Odyssey website. However, you will need to have the case number to access this information.
  3. For an inmate search, you can visit the official Tarrant County website here.
  4. Apart from this, the City of Arlington Municipal Court offers its own list of outstanding warrants at here.
  5. The most wanted list for the area is available here.

In addition to these sources, you can also directly approach the warrants department of Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department at 200 Taylor Street – 6th Floor, Fort Worth, TX 76196. Call them at 817-884-1289 for an appointment. The sheriff’s department can be contacted at the same address on the 7th floor.

This information can be sought from the Texas Department of Public Safety if you are looking for a statewide arrest record or criminal history search. You can find your personal driving and criminal record as well as the criminal history information of a third party. However, these requests will have to be submitted in writing, and you will have to incur a cost of $10. More information on this is available here.

The Tarrant County, TX Sheriff’s Office has made crime statistics for 2015 available on their website. According to the agency, the overall crime rate plunged by over 4% in 2015 as compared to the previous year, but there was a slight increase of around 1.5% in the number of violent crimes. Save for rapes, which saw a shocking rise of almost 28%, all other crime categories showed a decrease in the number of incidents.