About me

About me


Dear esteemed reader

bring to the table over twenty years of comprehensive experience as a Private Investigator and Skip Tracer, primarily operating across the extensive landscapes of Florida and Texas. During my tenure, I have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with diverse professionals, from attorneys and real estate brokers to bail bondsmen and auto repossession agents. My expertise also extends to forensic genealogy investigations, offering my skills to those seeking to trace their ancestry.

In my pursuit of unearthing essential information, I’ve had the privilege of working with eminent professional and legal organizations, including The Unclaimed Persons Network, The Locators Ltd, International Genealogy Research, and Cushing Forensic Genealogy, to name a few.

From a law enforcement perspective, my collaboration with the Sheriff’s Department of Denton County, TX, has been instrumental in locating absconders. Alongside my work with genealogy research establishments and law enforcement agencies, I have also had the honor of assisting individuals in their search for long-lost friends and family members.

I leverage various national and statewide databases, including the TLO, to confirm the information I provide is current and precise. Allow me to give you an overview of the diverse range of services I offer:

For individuals: I specialize in locating unclaimed persons, crafting detailed family histories, and re-establishing lost connections with friends and family. For legal professionals: I can assist in locating heirs and child support debtors.

For real estate brokers: I offer services to locate previous owners of properties. For law enforcement agencies and professionals: I aid in locating criminals on the most wanted list and fugitives who have absconded court proceedings.

For forensic genealogy companies: I provide help in tracing ancestors, birth parents, children, siblings, and other relatives for inheritance-related matters.

Pro bono work: My commitment extends to working with the Unclaimed Person’s Network to find the next of kin for decedents without claimants in conjunction with coroner’s offices and morgues across all states.

The work I do extends beyond a mere occupation; it is indeed a passion, anchored in my belief in creating a positive societal impact. Whether I am locating absconding criminals or reconnecting family members separated by time, I am dedicated to offering assistance when it is needed the most.


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