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How Do You Search for Arrest Records in Greenville County, South Carolina?

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If you are looking for arrest records for Greenville County, SC and end up at the local municipal court, your trip will prove to be futile. The website of the local branch of the judiciary clearly states that they do not offer police records or the facility to launch an active warrant search for an applicant.

Approaching the police may seem like a good option for free criminal records. But, the catch here is that as long as the arrest warrant search is initiated in the name of a third party, this avenue of information will work for you.  However, if you have an outstanding warrant in your name, you will be taken into custody.

So, how do you check a criminal record in Greenville County, SC?

  • As stated above, for a third party active warrant search, you can indeed get in touch with the Sheriff of Greenville County, SC. The warrants division of the department can be contacted at 864-467-5335. Alternatively, you can get in touch with their public information officers at 864-467-5205.
  • One way to find the most recent DUI arrest records is by looking for information on inmates. An inmate search can be launched through the facility available at
  • Another way to find active arrest warrants for Greenville County, South Carolina is to check the most wanted list for the area which can be found on
  • Finally, a free warrant search can be launched through the public index system of the SC judiciary. This facility is made available to users at Through this search system, you can find information on criminal and civil cases.

Between 2012 and 1014, there was a significant decline in the rate of crimes reported in Greenville County, SC. The average rate of crime plunged from over 2100 to well below 1500 incidents. Property crimes still accounted for the maximum number of complaints, with nearly 1300 incidents while violent crimes came in much lower at around 150 incidents.