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How Do You Search for Arrest Records in Hamilton County, Ohio?

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You cannot launch a warrant search for Hamilton County, OH through a local or state level law enforcement or judicial agency because state laws have placed limitations on the distribution of such information. However, you will be able to access personal criminal history report through the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), which is a part of the Attorney General’s Office. As far as arrest warrants are concerned, you may be able to get some details pertaining to the detention orders issued in certain cases from the police in the area. Continue reading for more on this.

How do I access criminal records in Hamilton County, OH?

  • For a personal crime history inquiry, you will need to go through the electronic fingerprinting process. Details on live fingerprinting locations can be found at In addition to the cost of fingerprinting, you will also have to pay a fee of $22 for the warrant check. Once you have the fingerprints ready, these can be submitted with additional information to BCI London, 1560 State Route 56 SW, London, Ohio 43140. For more information contact the BCI at 740-845-2000.
  • To access information on active warrants through the County Clerk’s office, you can visit the agency at the Hamilton County Courthouse, 1000 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Criminal records can also be accessed online by using the case search facility at
  • Checks for arrest records can also be initiated through the office of Hamilton County Sheriff. This facility can be availed at two locations: Hamilton County Justice Center south building located at 1000 Sycamore St, Room 100, Cincinnati, OH 45202 and 12139 Royal Point Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249.
  • For inmate records, you can use the detainee locator facility at You will need to provide the first and last name of the inmate for the search.
  • Finally, detail on outstanding warrants and information on dangerous criminal can also be traced through the most wanted list for the area, which is put up at


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