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Gaston County Warrant Search, North Carolina

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If you are interested in a warrant search for Gaston County, North Carolina, the local police cannot provide the information you are looking for. Except for the public fingerprinting service, which is a requirement if you want a certified copy of crime history information in your name, the sheriff’s office won’t be able to help much. Fortunately, North Carolina laws do allow people to access third-party criminal records for a small fee.

So, how do I find Gaston County, NC warrants for arrest?

The best way to get your hands on public arrest records is through the Clerk of the Superior Court of Gaston County. Now, there are two ways to approach this agency if you are keen to know about the arrest warrants in your name or that of somebody else.

  • But first, if you feel that there may be an active warrant against you but the arrest order is in connection with a traffic violation, at least some of them can be handled online. Check the NC court Government website for more information and to pay your fines.
  • When trying to access third-party arrest records, you can write to the Clerk of Court at 325 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Suite 1004, Gastonia, NC 28052-2331. Use the Request for certified criminal record search form available here and send a money order of $25 with the request.
  • For a free outstanding warrant search, you can visit the office of the Clerk at the address above and use the public access terminals, but the information you get will not be certified.
  • Information on inmates can be accessed through the website of the Gaston County Sheriff here.

In 2014, approximately 1100 criminal incidents were reported in Gaston County, NC. There was a distinctive drop of almost 30% from the crime average of 2011. While the situation seemed better than what it was four years ago, the number of property and violent crimes increased over the average of 2013. Nearly 170 violent crimes and about 1000 property crimes occurred in the area in 2014.