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You get several options for a warrant search in San Bernardino County, CA. Unfortunately, the information you can get out of such inquiries will be limited to personal criminal records. Access to third-party arrest records is not granted to civilians in keeping with the privacy laws of California. Moreover, no employer can ask you to provide information on your criminal history or active warrants in your name.

Getting San Bernardino County criminal records through the Department of Justice.

Fingerprints will be needed for a personal criminal history check. To find out where you can go for live scan fingerprinting, check the page at Live Scan fingerprinting services. You will find information on the live scan center’s location and fees.

The Request for live scan service form that you will need to fill out to get a copy of your personal criminal record is available here. A copy of The Request for live scan service in Spanish (Solicitud de servicio de live scan) is available here. For any other questions pertaining to personal crime history information, go to the Attorney General FAQ page.

The Department of Justice charges a $25 fee for this service, and you will have to pay this through a certified check, personal check (manual submission), or money order. Once the application is submitted, it can take between 3 to 15 days to receive a response. You can mail the application to the California Department of Justice, Record Review Unit, P.O. Box 903417, Sacramento, CA 94203-4170.

How can I find information on arrest warrants In San Bernardino County, CA?

  • You can access publically available information on criminal matters, including arrest records and convictions through the judicial portal Criminal/Traffic Court Case Information page.
  • You can also find information on outstanding warrants by calling the office of the Clerk of Court at 909-384-1888.
  • Some information on active warrants for San Bernardino can be found by visiting the Sheriff’s list of most wanted criminals.
  • If you are looking for arrest records for the last few weeks or months, try the inmate locator facility here.

At 6000 criminal complaints per annum, San Bernardino, CA is neither the safest nor the most dangerous area in the state. While the police can certainly do more to control the crime rates, their efforts are evident in the decreasing crime rates of the area. Through 2014 crime rates plunged by nearly 10% coming in at 5200 incidents for property crimes and less than 1000 complaints against violent crimes.