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How Do You Search for Arrest Records in Riverside County, California?

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The active warrant from Riverside County, CA against you may not be in connection with a serious offense. For instance, the outstanding warrant may very well be linked to a traffic offense or the nonpayment of traffic fines. However, if you end up at the local Sheriff’s office with an arrest warrant search request, you will likely end up in the slammer, ditto for the county clerk’s office of Riverside.

Unfortunately, seeking details on arrest records and active warrants in the name of somebody else is also quite taxing in the state of California.

So, how do you initiate a warrant search in Riverside County, CA?

There is no single answer to this question as your options will be governed by case status, the defendant and your own connection with the matter. Consider these 3 examples:

  • If you are the victim of a crime or a traffic accident, you can legally seek information about your case and the accused from the local sheriff’s office at 4095 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA 92501. Call the agency on 951.955.2400 before visiting.
  • If you are an individual who was arrested or tried for a criminal offense and are now seeking your arrest records from Riverside County, CA, you will only be given this information once you have gone through a fingerprinting process, which can be done at the sheriff’s department. But, the application for the warrant search will have to be sent to the California DOJ. More information on this is available at
  • If you are just another concerned citizen who is not sure what to make of the suspicious behavior of a neighbor, you cannot just saunter into the sheriff’s office requesting a warrant search. In this situation, you only option is to find outstanding warrants for Riverside from a private agency.

Apart from this, you can find information on crimes, criminals, active warrants and arrest from the following sources:


In terms of crime rate, Riverside County, CA ranks higher than the national and the state average with almost 4000 incident reports per annum. Approximately 10% of all criminal complaints are made against violent crimes. Assault is the most common type of violent crime with almost 250 complaints filed in this category. Overall, there has been a rise of 5% in the crime rates of the area.