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How Do You Search for Arrest Records in Los Angeles County, California

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A warrant search in Los Angeles, California is hardly an easy task! In fact, if you are looking for arrests records in the name of another person, neither the police nor the courts will be forthcoming. In keeping with the laws of the state of California pertaining to the release of criminal records, you can only get information on arrest warrants and other details pertaining to a criminal matter if you are the victim or the accused.

So, what are my options to get information on Los Angeles outstanding warrants?

If you believe that you may have an active warrant from Los Angeles in your name, the safest bet would be to conduct the investigation through a third party source. On the other hand, if you are seeking arrest records in somebody else’s name, you options will vary depending on the status of the case, how you are connected to the defendant/accused and other factors.

  1. Arrest records for Los Angeles County can be accessed through the website of the local law enforcement agency. If your subject is currently incarcerated in a county jail, and you know his/her full name, you can get more information on the arrest from the webpage of the LA Sheriff’s Department at
  2. If the case is currently in court and if you have the 8 character case number, you can get information pertaining to it in the form of a summary from the Superior Court website at
  3. If the person who you are investigating is an absconding suspect with serious offenses to his name, he may figure in the most wanted list of the county which is available at
  4. Finally, if you are an employer who is legally allowed to access this information or are seeking personal crime records for the purpose of employment or travel or adoptions, you will need to approach the Department of Justice of California. But, for such an inquiry, you will need to provide your fingerprints or that of the subject. Fingerprinting can be done at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. You can find more information on this and here

According to the data available from the LASD, there was a significant rise in the instances of criminal complaints in the area between 2014 and 2016. Overall, violent crime rates surged by almost 14% while homicide rates increased by nearly 25%. But, the police have managed to bring the situation under control and 2017 looks much better so far, with a reduction of almost 4% in the number of criminal cases.