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How Do You Search for Arrest Records in Maricopa County, Arizona?

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You can access both personal and third party arrest records in Maricopa County, Arizona. Depending on the status of the case and the charges filed against the defendant, information on arrest warrants can be sought from the police and from the judiciary, both online and offline

The options available for a Maricopa County warrant search!

  1. Defendants who are awaiting their bail hearing and those who cannot post bail or have been denied release on bail are housed in the county jail and information on them can be found through the jail inmate look up service offered by the Sheriff’s Office. This facility can be accessed at
  2. The booking number of the arrestee or his/her name is needed for the search. On the same site, you will also find another facility that allows you to access most recent arrest records, specifically information on arrests made in the last 3 days; this can be found at
  3. All public records, including those on criminal matters can also be found at However, you will need to submit a form offering personal information and stating the purpose of your inquiry.
  4. Information on active warrants can also be found by going through criminal case dockets. These can be accessed through the website of the Arizona judiciary at You can search by using the name and date of birth of the defendant or the case number.

For more detailed information on Maricopa County outstanding warrants and arrest records, you can use the electronic case records (ECR) service available at However, this facility is only made available to registered members and is not offered to the public at large. You either have to be a party or an attorney connected to the case to get in-depth information available in the judicial database pertaining to the matter.

An estimated 6000 criminal cases were reported in Maricopa County, Arizona in 2014, which signaled an increase of almost 1000 cases over the total number of incidents reported in 2012. As in the other areas of the country, the bulk of the complaints were against property crimes while violent crimes accounted for approximately 20% of all cases.