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Alaska Warrant Search – Outstanding & Active Warrants in AK

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The Criminal Code of Alaska defines a warrant for arrest as an order from the judiciary that is invoked in response to a petition filed in court by the agency that has been investigating a criminal act. Like in other states, it is imperative for law enforcement and the prosecution to show probable cause before the magistrate issues an active warrant.

Arrest warrants from Alaska and those from other parts of the nation.

Other similarities that liken Alaska arrest warrants to such orders from the judiciary issued in other parts of the country include the undisputed powers received by law enforcement agents when it comes to serving these directives. The statues clearly state that only as much force should be used as will be required for the physical detention of an accused.

Yet, the law also allows police officers to break down doors and windows to gain entry inside a property that might be harboring the accused. Not only this but also the detention can occur in any place whether public or owned by a private entity once a warrant is issued against the alleged offender.

Alaska arrest warrants and how they score over other judicial orders?

Unlike other legal provisions that often only involve the court; the issue of an active warrant brings together the state judiciary as well as the local law enforcement. Given the fact that no less than two justice agencies in the area are in agreement about the culpability of the accused when a warrant is issued, it is understandable why the order holds the powers that it does.

Unlike bench warrants from Alaska, an active warrant can be executed without the officers having to pay heed to the time and place of arrest unless these limiting factors have specifically been stated on the warrant. If the outstanding warrant pertains to a misdemeanor, chances are that the bail amount will be mentioned on the directive and this can be posted to secure release from police custody.

However, in felonious cases, the arrestee has to be presented before the magistrate for arraignment and bail hearings. At this point, it is at the discretion of the magistrate whether to grant the accused bail or not.

Why should you look for information on arrest warrants in Alaska?

Data pertaining to arrest records and warrants can help you to understand the background of a subject. Any involvement in a criminal matter in the past may bring up red flags and help you to take a call on whether to associate yourself with this individual in a personal or professional sense.

The biggest advantage of conducting a warrant search in AK and looking for information on legal provisions such as arrest warrants, search warrants and bench orders for arrest is that this data is easily accessible. In fact, you could also find a list of the county’s most wanted by visiting the local sheriff’s office.

Another thing to consider is that the information offered in response to such a warrant search will include a range of information about the subject including warrant details, charges filed, conviction records and more. If you choose to look through the court records, you can also find out about any cases pending in the civil tribunals against the subject.

Is arrest without warrant possible?

Alaska Statute 12.25.035 states that a state trooper or law enforcement agent can effect arrests without warrants if:

  • The officer has enough reason to believe based on factual evidence or witness testimony that the accused has already committed a crime or will do so in the future
  • There is a chance of the offender damaging personal property if not placed under arrest immediately.
  • A judicial officer is not available within a 25 mile radius
  • The crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor, has been committed in plain view of a police officer
  • When the offender is being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics

Looking for information on Alaska outstanding warrants

One of the simplest ways to get details on AK arrest records and warrants is to visit the office of the sheriff or the clerk of court. The latter works as the records keeping department of the judiciary and is in charge of preparing, collecting and managing the court dockets. However, this approach would entail taking a trip down to the relevant agency office.

Alaska crime history information is also maintained by the Division of Statewide Services which comes under the Department of Public safety. Background checks are offered for applicants who are desirous of procuring a personal crime history report as well as for those who would like information on third parties.

Applicants can place a request for both finger print based and personal identifier searches. For the former, you will need to submit prints in the FD-258 FBI form. A name based query is charged at $20 while a finger print inquiry will cost more at $35. Information about the applicant and the subject will have to be sent to the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau through mail at:

Department of Public Safety5700 East Tudor RoadAnchorage, Alaska 99507email: [email protected]