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An active warrant from Pulaski County, VA is a detention directive that has been sanctioned by the local tribunal with criminal jurisdiction. The police approach the court with a warrant petition that has a probable cause writ attached to it. This is the most important part of the appeal since it helps the magistrate to take a call on whether the detention directive ought to be granted or not.

State and federal laws on the matter are crystal clear active warrants can only be issued when the magistrate finds probable cause. This simply means that the proof brought before the court by the cops has to be enough to convince anybody of sound mental faculties that the crime was in fact commissioned by the accused.

Outstanding warrants from Pulaski County are among the most powerful legal instruments that can be put to use in a criminal matter. With an arrest warrant in hand, police enjoy unprecedented powers this includes crossing geographical boundaries in an attempt to nab the offender. Directives for arrests which have been released in connection with felonious crimes can be served at any time and in any part of the country. Furthermore, they have perpetual validity which simply adds to their potency.

Looking for details on Pulaski County active warrants and arrest records

One way to launch an arrest warrant search in Pulaski County is to scroll through the court dockets listings available with the judiciary. For this, you can visit the office of the clerk of court or approach the executive secretariat of the Virginia Supreme Court. This office works out of

100 North Ninth StreetRichmond, Virginia 23219.

To connect with the judiciary online, you can use their website at Further information can be sought by calling the agency on 804-786-6455. Although a fervent effort is made to keep the court docket database updated, some information may be inaccurate and old, so it would best to correlate it with the details you find through the office of the sheriff or the VA State Police.

Pulaski County Court Records Search:

Circuit Court

  • Address: 45 3rd St NW, #101 Pulaski,VA24301
  • Phone Number: 540-980-7825
  • Fax Number: 540-980-7835
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Civil Actions over $4,500, Probate and Inheritance

27th General District Court

  • Address: 45 3rd St NW, #102 Pulaski,VA24301
  • Phone Number: 540-980-7470
  • Fax Number: 540-980-7792
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Cases, Civil Actions under $25,000, Eviction, Small Claims

Pulaski County Court Recorder Information:

Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Address: Pulaski County 45 3rd St NW, #101 Pulaski, VA 24301
  • Phone Number: 540-980-7825
  • Fax Number: 540-980-7835
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM