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Virginia is an open records state which means that it will not take a lot to gather details on Patrick County arrest warrants through government departments. In fact, you could just as easily call on the judiciary in search of details on arrest records and active warrants as you could visit the sheriff's office. However, before you consider driving down to the local justice departments, it would help to understand the implications of the release of an arrest warrant.

These detention directives come in two forms those that are issued at the urging of the police and others that carry no directive involvement from law enforcement. These decrees vary in terms of issue purpose as well as the methods used for their execution.

Bench warrants which are released without confirming probable cause are used to detain offenders who have escaped after being freed under bail and also those who have disobeyed a court directive. On the other hand, active warrants are released to capture felonious offenders and also suspects who are being accused of commissioning misdemeanors.

Outstanding warrants from Patrick County that are linked to felonies are served at break neck speed because the cops are perpetually concerned about the culprit fleeing the county. To prevent this, arresting officers are given a range of liberties including the authority to make arrests at any point in time and beyond the geographical boundaries of the county and state of warrant release.

Who can help you with details about Patrick County arrest records and warrants?

There are 3 options when looking for a warrant search through state agencies. You can connect with the local justice departments including the sheriff's office, the county clerk's office or the court of the magistrate. Alternatively, it is also possible to contact a state level entity like the Virginia State Police. Given below are just a few of the options available for a warrants inquiry:

VA State Police: Contact the agency after you have filled the form at and had it notarized. Send the document to

Department of State PoliceP.O. Box 85076Richmond, VA 23261

State judiciary: Use their online facility at to search through the court dockets database.

Virginia Department of Corrections: Their online search tool to locate inmate data is offered on

Patrick County Court Records Search:

21st Circuit Court

  • Address: PO Box 148 Main St Courthouse Stuart,VA24171
  • Phone Number: 276-694-7213
  • Fax Number: 276-694-6943
  • Hours of Operation: 9AM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Civil Actions over $4,500, Probate and Inheritance

21st General District Court

  • Address: PO Box 149 106 Rucker St, #319 Stuart,VA24171
  • Phone Number: 276-694-7258
  • Fax Number: 276-694-5614
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Cases, Civil Actions under $25,000, Eviction, Small Claims

Patrick County Court Recorder Information:

Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Address: Patrick County PO Box 148 Stuart, VA 24171-0148
  • Phone Number: 276-694-7213
  • Fax Number: 276-694-6943
  • Hours of Operation: 9AM-5PM