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The mere fact that an arrest warrant from Danville City County has been issued against a suspect points to two things the first being that the evidence available against the accused is significant enough to convince anybody of his complicity in the criminal act. The second fact that is evident after the release of an active warrant is that it will only be matter of time before the person, in whose name the order has been issued, is taken into custody.

Arrests are made promptly when the warrant issued is connected with a felony or a serious misdemeanor like a Class A or B offenses. On the other hand, while the accused will be apprehended even when the directive is a bench warrant or linked to a Class C or D misdemeanor, these decrees don't get the same urgent treatment which is reserved for the former.

All arrest warrants that are granted in connection with offenses that can be classified as criminal misdoings and not as contempt of court or disobedience of a court directive will only be released upon the submission and deliberation over a police affidavit. This document is used to ascertain that there is reasonable cause to back the request for the detention order.

Where can you go to launch a warrant search in Danville City County?

There are a range of options to find details on Danville City arrest records and outstanding warrants from state departments to private establishments that sell information on crime history for a fee. However, one agency that gets you the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and the amount of data shared is the state judiciary.

You can connect with them through the office of the county clerk at the local justice center or through the office of the Executive secretary of VA Supreme Court that is located at 100 North Ninth Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. Alternatively, you could also use the website of the judiciary to find court dockets from tribunals at various levels. Their site is available at

Danville City County Court Records Search:

22nd General District Court

  • Address: PO Box 3300 Danville,VA24543
  • Phone Number: 434-799-5179
  • Fax Number: 434-797-8814
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Cases, Civil Actions under $25,000, Eviction, Small Claims, Traffic

22nd Circuit Court

  • Address: PO Box 3300 401 Patton St Danville,VA24543
  • Phone Number: 434-799-5168
  • Fax Number: 434-799-6502
  • Hours of Operation: 9AM-4PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Civil Actions over $4,500, Probate and Inheritance

Danville City County Court Recorder Information:

Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Address: Danville City PO Box 3300 Danville, VA 24543
  • Phone Number: 434-799-5168
  • Fax Number: 434-799-6502
  • Hours of Operation: 9AM-4:30PM