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All active warrants in Potter County, TX get released once the police have made a case against the alleged offender based on evidence and witness testimony. The proof gathered is brought before the judiciary to get the nod from the magistrate on there being clear probable cause to accuse the suspect of commissioning the act.

A formal affidavit is prepared to show the judge how the offender was involved in the incident and why the police assumed that the act was of a criminal nature. Witness testimony, forensic or crime scene evidence as well as hearsay proof can be put to use to convince the magistrate that a picture of clear culpability can be painted based on facts alone.

The police have to wade through this stage if they are to get their hands on an arrest warrant. The department is always willing to put in the extra work for procuring orders for arrests because with an outstanding warrant, arresting officers get unlimited powers when apprehending offenders. Of course, this does not mean that warrantless arrests are not sanctioned by the Criminal Code of Texas.

Who provides information on arrest records and warrants from Potter County?

Information on criminal history is kept in the Texas Criminal Justice Information System which is central repository that is used for computerized crime history and warrant searches as well as for correctional tracking information. The Departments of Criminal Justice and Public safety collaborate to offer this data to the public.

Criminal history searches are entertained from schools, organizations that offer care and services to children, elderly people, mentally or physically challenged individuals as well as applicants who do not represent such entities or a justice department. However, the amount of information offered varies between these two categories. While authorized applicants are made privy to complete crime history, non-authorized applicants will only be told about conviction related details.

The Department of Public safety can be contacted for limited as well as in depth background reports. For the former use their online facility at and for the latter, write to the agency at Texas Department of Public Safety, P O Box 4087, 5805 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78752-4422.

The Department of Criminal Justice will accept inquiries through mail, in person as well as over the phone. The simplest way is to use their name based search tool available at Alternatively, you can call them on 936-295-6371 or write to them at TDCJ – Executive Services, P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342-0099.

Potter County Court Records Search:

District Court

  • Address: PO Box 9570 Amarillo,TX79105-9570
  • Phone Number: 806-379-2300
  • Fax Number: 806-372-5061
  • Hours of Operation: 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Civil

County Court & County Courts at Law 1 & 2

  • Address: PO Box 9638 500 S Fillmore St Amarillo,TX79105
  • Phone Number: 806-379-2285
  • Fax Number: 806-379-2296
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Cases, Probate and Inheritance (Civil under $5,000 Lmt'd)

Potter County Court Recorder Information:

County Clerk

  • Address: Potter County PO Box 9638 Amarillo, TX 79105
  • Phone Number: 806-379-2275
  • Fax Number: 806-379-2296
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM