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The judiciary has been set in charge of issuing all legal provisions including Highland County active warrants.The procedure followed for the release of search orders and arrest warrants from OH is the same. In fact, the latter is often needed when the police have to enter third party premises to effect arrests under outstanding warrants. However, while active orders for detention have indefinite validity, search orders do lapse after a set period of time.

As far as the issue process goes, cops have to petition the local tribunal with an affidavit. The information in this document or even witness testimony may be used to ascertain that the evidence available in the matter does raise doubts against the alleged offender. If this can be ascertained, the magistrate will sanction the arrest warrant.

All judicial orders of this nature are served by police officers and the accused has to be taken into custody for the warrant to be considered executed. Upon serving, the original order is sent back to the office of the magistrate. This is how the county clerk's office and the court of the magistrate come to be in possession of Highland County arrest records.

How can you get your hands on information pertaining to Highland County arrests and active warrants?

The court dockets database kept by the local judicial network is a reliable source of information on all cases that have been heard by the tribunals in the area. Because arrest warrants from Ohio are issued after a formal court hearing, it is possible to look for information on them through the county clerk's office.

You can also use their web based facility to launch a warrant search. The case search tool at will take name, docket number and attorney name inquiries. To contact the office of the clerk of court, you can go to 65 South Front Street, 8th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215-3431.

Highland County Court Records Search:

Common Pleas Court

  • Address: PO Box 821 105 N High St Hillsboro,OH45133
  • Phone Number: 937-393-9957
  • Fax Number: 937-393-9878
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-4:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Civil Actions over $10,000, Probate and Inheritance

Hillsboro Municipal Court

  • Address: 130 Homestead Ave Hillsboro,OH45133
  • Phone Number: 937-393-3022
  • Fax Number: 937-393-0517
  • Hours of Operation: 7AM-3:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Cases, Civil Actions under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims

Highland County Court Recorder Information:

County Recorder

  • Address: Highland County PO Box 804 Hillsboro, OH 45133
  • Phone Number: 937-393-9954
  • Fax Number: 937-393-5855
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4PM