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For the issue of active warrants in Allen County, OH, the local criminal court has been appointed as the impartial entity. This is done to ensure that cops cannot make arrests unless they have significant proof against a person. The only time when warrantless arrests are encouraged is when the crime in question is a felony and if illegal items such as narcotics or arms are found on a person at the time of a routine search.

When the offense qualifies as a misdemeanor,cops have to go to court to get an active warrant sanctioned before the accused can be booked. This also holds true in scenarios where specific information about the suspect is unavailable such as his name, contact details, etc.This situation is encountered when a crime occurs and there are witnesses and forensic evidence available but the perpetrator has fled the crime scene and information about his whereabouts and his identification are not known.

In these cases, an Allen County outstanding warrant helps to keep the case alive till the accused can be brought to justice.What makes an arrest warrant exceptionally potent is the fact that its geographic reach goes well beyond the issuing county. These directives can be served wherever the accused is found. Hence, information on arrest records and outstanding warrants is sent to the central records keeping agency, the NCIC.

Where can you go to get a warrant search done in Allen County?

At the moment, the office of the Attorney General of Ohio is offering this facility to organizational and public applicants. The Bureau of Criminal Identification which is a part of the agency functions as the records keeper of all criminal occurrences reported in the state.

To get a warrant search done through them, you will have to use the application available at Send the completed form with an $8 check to the BCI at P.O. Box 365, London, OH 43140.

Allen County Court Records Search:

Common Pleas Court

  • Address: PO Box 1243 301 N Main Lima,OH45802
  • Phone Number: 419-228-8513
  • Fax Number: 419-222-8427
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-4:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Civil Actions, Probate and Inheritance, Domestic Relations

Lima Municipal Court

  • Address: PO Box 1529 109 N Union St Lima,OH45802
  • Phone Number: 419-221-5275
  • Fax Number: 419-998-5526
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Cases, Civil Actions under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims

Allen County Court Recorder Information:

County Recorder

  • Address: Allen County PO Box 1243 Lima, OH 45802
  • Phone Number: 419-223-8517
  • Fax Number: 419-223-8555
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-4:30PM