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If the police have sought an arrest warrant in Alamance County, NC, two factors are strikingly clear that the offender managed to give cops the slip at the scene of the crime and that the sheriff's deputies have managed to gather enough evidence against this person to show the court that he was indeed involved in commissioning a criminal infraction.

Although, usually active warrants will be released in the name of a specific person who is to be arrested, sometimes this information is not available but the cops will still want to make sure that the individual who has ample evidence going against him is brought to justice. This is when an arrest warrant is put to use.

The judiciary can issue John Doe warrants which are meant to address cases where the name and the whereabouts of the alleged offender are unknown. In lieu of these details, DNA profiles are included in such warrants which are supposed to help cops make arrests. Both the judiciary and the sheriff's office treat all detention directives in the same manner. This means that whether the name of the offender is stated on the order or not, outstanding warrants will be addressed with the same urgency and priority regardless.

Who can help you with a warrant search in Alamance County, NC?

For a warrant search in Alamance County, you can approach the Department of Justice. The county clerk's office not only maintains court records for the judiciary but also opens up its court dockets database to handle public inquiries pertaining to arrest records and warrants.

It should be added here that the database has information on criminal matters that is correlated with the fingerprints of the offender. Also, NC does not allow people to seek complete criminal history reports of third parties. In fact, even when you need a personal background search done, you will have to submit fingerprint cards.

Criminal data inquiries have to be taken to the office of the appropriate clerk of court's office or you could approach the State Bureau of Investigation. Use the packet available on to offer information about yourself to the agency.You will be charged $25 for your search.

Some crime history information is offered to members of the community through the public service terminals at the office of the clerk of court. This generally includes conviction related details.

Alamance County Court Records Search:

Superior-District Court - Criminal

  • Address: 212 W Elm St, #105 Graham,NC27253
  • Phone Number: 336-438-1001
  • Fax Number: 336-570-6991
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Misdemeanor Cases

Alamance County Court Recorder Information:

Register of Deeds

  • Address: Alamance County PO Box 837 Graham, NC 27253
  • Phone Number: 336-570-6565
  • Fax Number:
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM