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Although the sheriff's office has to submit a formal petition to procure arrest warrants in Webster County, MO, the additional powers enjoyed by police officers who are working under the provisions of such an order are well worth the effort. Among the many liberties offered to cops who are making arrests with active warrants is the ability to enter any property, regardless of who owns it, to take the accused into custody.

The home or office can be owned by a public entity, a private organization, a citizen who qualifies as a third party or the accused, the police get unrestricted access to all premises including public places such as roads when they have to make arrests. Additionally, outstanding warrants from Webster County stay valid outside county and state lines. This means that cops anywhere can make arrests under these directives.

What is more, these detention decrees do not go out of effect, so a legally sanctioned custodial detention is possible through the use of these orders even if years have passed since the warrant was released. Also, information on active warrants from Webster County is made available to law enforcement agencies and community members through the regular publication of the most wanted list.

How to access arrest records from Webster County and information on active warrants?

If you are merely looking for a background report, the DOC offers a simple and effective way to launch a warrant search. You simply need to use the website of the MO Department of Corrections to find information on the crime records of all prisoners serving time in the correctional system of the state.

The search can be initiated on the basis of the name of the inmate, his/her DOC number or any known aliases. In response, you can find out about the charges filed, sentencing, parole and probationary release and the incarceration facility where the prisoner is being held. To use this service, visit the site of the agency at or connect with them at:

Missouri Department of Corrections2729 Plaza Dr,P.O. Box 236Jefferson City, MO 65102

Webster County Court Records Search:

Circuit Court - Criminal

  • Address: PO Box B Courthouse Marshfield,MO65706
  • Phone Number: 417-859-2041
  • Fax Number: 417-859-6265
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Misdemeanor Cases

Webster County Court Recorder Information:

Recorder of Deeds

  • Address: Webster County PO Box 546 Marshfield, MO 65706
  • Phone Number: 417-859-5882
  • Fax Number: 417-468-3843
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM