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Saint Clair County warrant searches are offered by the state police and local justice agencies in a bid to enhance community safety. Such inquiries will at the least bring back details on all conviction cases in the state. So, you stand to get access to information on the issue of arrest warrants, detentions made, how the matter was dealt with by the courts and the correctional facility where the criminal is/was lodged.

It is also possible to get details on Saint Clair County outstanding warrants that have not been served as yet if you are in an authorized employer or applicant category that is allowed access to complete crime history data. However, before you go about seeking information on the criminal past of your subject, it would help to learn a bit about arrest warrants and the criminal process used in the state to better understand the results of your inquiry.

Active warrants, as they are frequently referred to, are orders from the judiciary that are issued when the police petition the court for them. Under the provisions of a warrant issued in felonious crimes, the police enjoy almost unlimited authority to make arrests. Once the suspect is detained, he has to be taken in front of the magistrate at the earliest. In some matters the bail amount is mentioned on the arrest warrants. This is usually the case when the offense in question is a Class C or D misdemeanor.

To find information in response to an Saint Clair County warrant search, there are several state departments that you can connect with. From the office of the sheriff to local judicial entities like the county clerk and the magistrate and even the state judiciary will be happy to undertake an inquiry on arrest records and warrants on your behalf.

Ideally, the administrative office of the judiciary would be the perfect place to start your search because you can get details on criminal and civil matters from this source.Information on the Supreme Court and Appellate Court dockets can be found online at For details on matters heard by the circuit courts, you can go to:

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts3101 Old Jacksonville RoadSpringfield, IL 62704

Saint Clair County Court Recorder Information:

County Recorder

  • Address: St. Clair County PO Box 543 Belleville, IL 62222
  • Phone Number: 618-277-6600
  • Fax Number:
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-5PM