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Hamilton County, Illinois arrest warrants can be served by the police they can gain entry into the home of the accused by force or are can be willfully allowed entry by the accused into his house. These orders can also be served in public places and properties that belong to third parties. However, while only active warrants are required to effects arrests in public places and the house of the alleged offender, if a third party premises is involved in the equation, the cops will need to get a search warrant along with the order for detention.

Apart from this, outstanding warrants from Hamilton County can also be used to take a person into custody while he is outside the geographical area in which the order was released. Another thing that must be mentioned about warrants for arrests is that these orders are not time bound. This simply means that not only can such a directive be served at any time after its release but also at any point during the day or night.

In essence, the police are simply waiting for a person with a warrant to his name to come within their reach and this individual will be promptly detained. In fact, depending on the nature of the crime that the accused is being charged with, the police may even launch a manhunt for this person, chase him right across state lines and include his name in the list of the county' s and the state's most wanted criminals.

Arrest warrants are meant to be served

Apart from the fact that a warrant is an explicit order to all law enforcement agents to apprehend the accused, the laws of the state are very clear that top priority ought to begiven to the execution of these orders. In order to assist in these tasks, police officers are given the authority to barge into any property if they suspect that the accused is being sheltered in it.

Also, Hamilton County active warrants come with information about the alleged offender stated on them which helps cops to positively identify the culprit and bring him to books. Among other details, arrest orders also include the name of the accused or a DNA profile, information on physical traits like height, weight, any identifying marks, etc and the number of this person's driver's license and social security.

Finding information on outstanding warrants in Hamilton County, IL

The simplest way to find out about arrest orders including Hamilton County bench warrants that remain un-served is to check out the most wanted lists posted on the walls of the local sheriff's office. However, this may not always get you information on your subject. Fortunately, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority has a system in place for the dissemination of crime history data to civilian applicants.

A warrant search through this agency can be initiated in two modes the inquiry can be name based or fingerprint based. For a non-fingerprint check, use form ISP6-405B and for a finger print inquiry, use ISP6-404B. Both forms can be downloaded at The cost for a name based search is $16 while a finger print search will set you back by $20. You can mail the forms and your check to:

The Illinois State PoliceBureau of Identification260 North Chicago StreetJoliet, Illinois 60431Hamilton County, Illinois arrest records and warrants can also be found through the Department of Corrections. This agency maintains information on all prisoners lodged in state incarceration facilities. Their database can be searched by using the tool at

It is also possible to find court records in the area through the office of the clerk of court. For accessing the court dockets database online, you can go to Alternatively, you can write to the court's administrative department at the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, 3101 Old Jacksonville Road, Springfield, IL 62704.

Hamilton County Court Records Search:

Circuit Court

  • Address: 100 S Jackson, Courthouse McLeansboro,IL62859
  • Phone Number: 618-643-3224
  • Fax Number: 618-643-3455
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-4:30PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Misdemeanor Cases, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate and Inheritance

Hamilton County Court Recorder Information:

County Recorder

  • Address: Hamilton County 100 S Jackson St, Rm 2 McLeansboro, IL 62859-1489
  • Phone Number: 618-643-2721
  • Fax Number: 618-643-2756
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-4:30PM