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Calhoun County arrest warrants are but one among several legal processes that have been handed to the judiciary to tackle civil and criminal cases. Generally, when it comes to criminal matters, the police play a direct role in the release of active warrants. However, regardless of whether orders for arrests are issued by a civil or criminal tribunal, all of these are served by the police and this includes bench warrants.

When the judicial order in question is an active warrant, the sheriff's office will file a petition with the magistrate's court to procure it. This procedure has a two pronged purpose one it makes the judiciary aware of the criminal occurrence and two because the judge plays an authoritative role in issuing the warrant, the onus is taken away from the cops, so they cannot be blamed for making indiscriminate arrests.

In fact, information on outstanding warrants is offered by multiple agencies because these orders are serious business and they will undoubtedly lead to custodial detention over time. There are several options to find information on arrest records and warrants in Georgia.

Looking for arrest records and warrants in Calhoun County

In keeping with the laws of GA, only law enforcement agencies working on behalf of the state and certain non-criminal and non-government employers are given the right to access complete criminal history. A comprehensive background report is a term used to indicate 360 degree information concerning criminal involvement. So, the applicant will be told about all types of detention directives issued in the name of the subject, arrest records, judicial disposition of a case and more.

Even if you are in the authorized employer class, you will need to get a consent form signed from the subject to initiate a warrant search in his name. However, you could look for a personal background report without too much trouble. For such inquiries, you will have to start with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

You can write to them at Georgia Crime Information Center, CCH/Identification Services, P.O. Box 370808, Decatur, Georgia 30037 or call on 404- 244-2639. Additional information about the procedure for a warrant search can be procured through the website of the agency at or you could connect with them through the local law enforcement office in your area.

Calhoun County Court Records Search:

Superior Court

  • Address: PO Box 69 Morgan,GA39866
  • Phone Number: 229-849-2715
  • Fax Number: 229-849-0072
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-12; 1PM-5PM
  • Jurisdiction: Felony Cases, Misdemeanor Cases, Civil

Calhoun County Court Recorder Information:

County Superior Court Clerk

  • Address: Calhoun County PO Box 69 Morgan, GA 39866
  • Phone Number: 229-849-2715
  • Fax Number: 229-849-0072
  • Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM